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San Jose Document Scanning

Smart businesses should always be concerned about the information in their office and about their customers. Data must be managed whether it is on paper, servers, computers, or even smart phones. To help manage all this data, San Jose businesses use document scanning to convert paper documents into electronic records for ease of management.

Document Scanning in San Jose, California from San Jose Document ShreddingOnce a document is in a digital format, it is easier to find, and access to any document can be restricted to particular workers.

Reading and copying is controlled to prevent employees from taking the private information of employees and customers. Your confidential business information must be carefully managed for a compliance reasons and then properly destroyed.

Every record has a lifespan- with an electronic document management system, you can set up documents to be automatically erased once they reach their necessary retention time.

Create A Document Retention Plan to Figure Out What to Keep and What to Shred

To start, you need to create a document retention policy outlining how long to store each type of document, and then determine what employees require access to which documents. There is no need to scan documents that are not required. Ask employees to organize their files and records using the company document management policy and destroy documents past their retention requirement.

Then, you need to take all unwanted documents and shred them. Utilize an onsite or offsite shredding program in Northern California that provides shredding containers to your company. A

Once you have your system in place and unnecessary or unwanted documents destroyed, the next step is to determine what documents will be accessed in the future. Scanned documents should be anything that is access often, or used frequently.

The final step is the actual document scanning. You can purchase equipment and give the work to an employee, or you can utilize San Jose Document Shredding and Scanning to scan your documents for you.

When you are ready to move to digital records give San Jose Document Shredding a call. We'll help you transition to a paperless office and select the right electronic document management system that works for your business.

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